Monograms baby!

So I commissioned Jessica over at Jessica's Design Shop to do some monograms for me that I can use of programs, invitations, or even embroidery! She did a fantastic job, and with this broke bride's budget she did right by me!

I have two sneak peaks for you:

This one has been released onto our wedding website. (And if you haven't seen it yet, shame on you!)

Super cure, eh?! I told Jessica that we had decided on a fall theme, and I really liked the idea of using chocolate brown and pear green (playing on the pair idea) instead of the typical fall oranges and reds!

Number Two World Premeire:

My mother had been planning on passing the hankercheif she had at her wedding, but she couldn't find it. Instead, she's having a new one hand-tatted for me and wanted a design to use for the monogram. She's having it done with our colors and everything! Soooo thoughtful and talk about keepsake!

You'll have to wait until the wedding for her other handiworks to be revealed!

She also does really great design work for anything from invitations to labels, wedding or not! I'm thinking I'd like to have stationery made after the wedding with my new initials on it!
Check her out!

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