Another dress down....

Since I haven't blogged about it yet, I should let you know that we've conquered bridesmaid dresses, flowergirl dresses, and now my mom's dress!

I'm so excited about how everything is working out.

For my bridesmaids, I knew I wanted them in something tea-length/knee-length, and in a color and fabric they might be able to wear again. (Doesn't every bride say that?!)

My flowergirls I wanted in something non-traditional. While the bridesmaids wear one of the two wedding colors, my girls will be in the other instead of bland white. They're going to be so sweet! Maybe they can even wear the dresses again too!
And last weekend I was in PA shopping with my mom. We found THE DRESS at The Winner. (It's a Western PA staple!) Of course it was the first we saw and the first she tried on. That's how us Winner girls are! Not fussy, but we know what we want when we want it!
So next is my mother-in-law, and then we'll worry about the boys!
I can't wait to get my dress back!!!!

I want to keep the dresses kind of a secret, so here's a tiny sneak peak:

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