Is it a good or bad thing when you're absent from your own blog?

I actually have started a new job since April, and I guess I've been getting in the swing of things with that.

But here's what's new:

We've decided on a bakery - Laura's Bakery

I ordered my shoes.

My dress is being shipped to CLT as I type.

My bridesmaids and flowergirls have ordered their desses and both my mum and motherinlaw have purchased theirs!

David picked out the men's tuxes.

We more or less have a finalized guestlist.

We've met with the catering manager at the hotel.

We've booked a DJ.

We have had our engagement pictures done finally!

We've been paying on our wedding rings.

I have been designing our invitations and will be handmaking them.

We got our save the dates out!!!!! (Even with stupid Polar Bear stamps because that's the only 28 cent stamp USPS puts out :( )

I think that's about all. Keep a look out for these smiling faces in your mail!

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